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Siemens (a leading provider of process analyzers and process analysis systems) is your qualified partner for efficient solutions that integrate process analyzers in your automation systems in the process industry.
ScadaTEC, Inc has been the leader in providing the most powerful & reliable Alarm Dialer Software for SCADA systems.
We are a premier global engineering firm with over 15 years’ experience providing control systems, instrumentation and regulatory compliance services. We can provide such services individually or together as a one-stop shop (turnkey) solution.
Analytical Systems Int’l KECO Analytical Systems Int’l KECO
Providing field-proven, process analyzers since 1984. Liquid Analyzers include: H2S in Crude, Water, Diesel, etc. Oil in Water, Hydrocarbon in Water, TOC Analyzers. Gas Analyzers include: H2S, CO2, VOC, Total Sulfur
Point IR Detector Provides Rapid Response
The advanced IR400 Point IR Combustible Gas Detector features an industry-leading three-second T90 response time ...
First Class Wind Transmitter
• New wind power site evaluation • Low starting threshold • High accuracy • Great ...
High-grade Compression Springs
Century Spring warehouses the largest inventory of high-grade, straight, cylindrically-shaped compression springs in the world. ...
SwiftyCalc - Free Thermowell Design Software from JMS
Your objective? To ensure your thermowell designs meet the new ASME standard. Your tool? SwiftyCalc. ...
Ultra Low Gas Cooler Series EC-30
- Patented Jet-Stream heat exchangers - Dew Point -30 °C - 250 Nl/hr sample gas ...
Analyzer AMI Soditrace
Description Analyzer for the continuous measurement of sodium ions in trace amounts in high purity ...
Portable Handheld KJT130
The unique portable hand-held KJT130 provides instant, non-contact moisture measurement on almost any liquid or ...
Integrity Software
Automation systems collectively impact the plant’s safety, economic throughput, environmental compliance, and equipment protection. Each ...
Control Reliable Machine Controls
Pinnacle Systems provides a complete line of presence-sensing hazardous industrial machine guards and controls. Our ...
GSM-60 Gas Sampling Monitor with Internal Pump and Sensors
The GSM-60 is a versatile instrument, which, in addition to having an internal sampling pump ...
Model 2145 - Profibus - DP Fiber Optic Bit-Driver
The Model 2145 Bit-Driver used in a PROFIBUS-DP application is a two optic port repeater ...
Mechanical & Electronic Pressure Switches
NOSHOK offers a wide selection of electronic and heavy-duty, RoHS-compliant mechanical pressure switches. These switches ...
GHG VENT GAS FLOW MEASUREMENT ----------------------------------------------- The Hawk Vent Gas Meter is designed to measure ...
FlameGard® 5 MSIR Flame Detector
MSA's FlameGard® 5 MSIR Detector is an advanced multi-spectrum flame detector designed to provide superior ...
M&C Smart Extractive System
The M&C Smart Extractive System Is designed to operate and control your sampling system and ...
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