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Flame Detectors


Spectrex Inc. is a technology leader in optical Flame and Open Path Gas Detection (OPGD). The Spectrex developed and patented industrial optical IR3 Flame Detector and Xenon Flash OPGD detectors designs are now the standard for Oil & Gas projects. A wide range of flame detectors types is available, from ultra fast (msec) detectors to high sensitivity hydrocarbon and hydrogen flame detectors, alongside the equally large range of OPGD that can detect hazardous gases, from flammable hydrocarbons to toxic Ammonia and H2S. All Spectrex products are approved and certified to meet relevant third-party Ex hazardous area, performance and reliability approvals for the wide range of application challenges, worldwide.

The SharpEye 40/40 Optical Flame Detector Series offers a variety of accurate, explosion proof detection technologies for flame detection at distances up to 215ft (65m), including the renowned IR3 detector, multi IR, UV/IR, UV and single IR detectors. The range has recently been enhanced with a new Ultra Fast UV/IR detector which provides detection in 20msec. Other more compact and commercial models are also available, including the low cost MPI model.
The SafEye Open Path Gas Detector Series includes detectors able to detect at long distances with high immunity to spurious alarms. Hydrocarbon gases can be detected by the Quasar 900 Series over an open path of up to 660ft (200m), and have recently been joined by the Quasar 950/960 detectors able to detect toxic gases such as ammonia and H2S over paths of up to 265ft (80m). Also available are Duct Mounted OPGD detectors, providing fast protection within turbine or air intake ducts.